1-2-1 Yogatherapy

The science of yoga, mindfulness and  physiotherapy combined

Self care strategies for schools


This half day inservice provides knowledge, understanding and tools for staff and students to thrive and not just survive!

I ran this inservice for three surrey scitt training groups and the feedback has been excellent! My session was observed for Internal Quality Assurance, by Rachel Leventhall.

'An extremely worthwhile session to support trainees during their training year and beyond. Trainees found it very productive and helpful to take time out for relaxation and to consider the benefits of well being on their performance. Stuart’s well thought out session and presentation ensured that trainees gained a greater understanding of good health and well being for both teachers and pupils. Evaluations for the training are excellent with the majority of evaluations awarding the maximum score of 4 for all sections. It was a pleasure to observe this excellent introduction training to promote well being and self care.'

The students feedback looked at 4 different aspects of the training, and 85% of the scores given over those 4 areas, were in the highest band!

Changed my opinion about mindfulness, yoga and meditation.

Very beneficial and interesting

Really engaging ideas to try out

Really enjoyed the practical element of the training

Very engaging presenter

It covers :-

The neurobiology of anxiety, fear, stress and relationships in the classroom, from the teacher’s and pupil’s perspective.

The neuroscience behind habit, how it can support and undermine our sense of wellbeing.

A health belief model to illustrate why we may, or may not choose health behaviours that support our wellbeing.

Ways in which to best integrate self care strategies into the school environment.

Resources for online programmes and articles that help deepen understanding and inspire self care strategies for both teachers and pupils.

It provides an opportunity :-

To experience various self-care strategies, such as mindfulness, breathing exercises, body awareness, mindful movement and yin yoga, all of which can calm the nervous system and support wellbeing. Click Here to look at online resources.

Keep calm and breathe....lessons in breathing new life into your day!

Bespoke workshops/retreats for your team/department/company.

Valuing and prioritising our health and wellbeing is something we would all hope to do. But sometimes life just takes over. 

'Keep calm and breath' creates space for you to stop, pause and reset. A time to reflect on what strategies you can develop and nurture in order to flourish rather than just get through the day!

'Keeping calm' has its basis in understanding the neurobiology of our nervous system. Knowing what fires the system up and what soothes and calms it down, is the key to developing successful strategies to bring us back to our still, quiet place. A space where we can think clearly and calmly, even when under pressure.

 A simple understanding of the function of the autonomic nervous system and the breath gives purpose and direction to a mix of gentle mindful movement, yoga postures, meditations and reflective writing. Click on the photo above to link into yhe meditations.

Contact Stuart to discuss further as to how best a day or half day would work for you and your team.

International "Keep Calm and Breathe" Workshops.

Stuart recently ran his 'Keep calm and breathe' workshop at the international  VETS Festival  a conference organised and run by Supervet, Noel Fitzpatrick. 

His work is also gaining international acclaim on the education front, running a workshop at the Intenational Thinking Schools Conference in June 2018. He is also involved with SCITT training in Dorset and Surrey as well as NQT training in Sussex.

Keep calm and breathe recommendations

"I have admired and respected Stuart for many years. He is one of my professional heroes. He has influenced my physio work and thinking In so many ways. His thirst for knowledge and his empathy and his ability to share this is really remarkable . Stuart has run a one day workshop for a group of my patients and staff - for 3 consecutive years -by popular demand!
He has that rare ability to connect with everyone at the required level and our days are really valued and cherished. I can’t recommend this highly enough." Nicola Ellis MCSP Physiotherapist Cheltenham.