1-2-1 Yogatherapy

The science of yoga, mindfulness and  physiotherapy combined

Physiotherapy with mindfulness

What does Physiotherapy with mindfulness offer?

  • Gentle manual therapy to release tight muscles, soft tissues and joints.
  • A specific and individualised movement programme to improve function and pain.
  • A programme of relaxation, mindfulness  and breathing exercises to help calm you and your the nervous system.
  • An enhanced sense of balance within the energy or meridian system of the body.

Who might benefit?

Anyone experiencing pain,  who may also suffer from any of the following:-

  • Gastrointestinal issues
  • High blood pressure or cardiovascular problems
  • Respiratory or neurological disorders
  • Problems sleeping
  • Increased levels of stress or anxiety

Here are just some of the potential benefits you may experience?

  • A reduction in your pain and a greater sense of control over your pain
  • A greater feeling of all round wellbeing
  • A greater freedom of movement
  • An improved understanding of how your body works from the inside out, and the tools to keep improving moving into the future.


'I had suffered severe headaches for over ten years before I was treated by Stuart. After five treatments the headaches had gone...thank you so much Stuart.' J.A.

'My back pain started after I had a hysterectomy......once Stuart had done whatever magic it is he does, my back pain disappeared.. and he didn't even touch my back!

'My son had missed 9 of the last 12 months of school with severe back pain ..... with Stuart's help he has been able to return to school and start to live a normal life again.' K.S.

'My back pain and irritable bowel was so much better after just two sessions....my back pain has never returned and if my IBS begins to flare up I know what to do to settle it down!!' P.R.

I thought I had torn my hamstring, I literally couldn't move.. after one session of Stuart treating my back I could move again...and in 1 week was back playing sport. Amazing!!! D.N.

I sent my back into Spasm, I could barely move, Stuart identified the problems immediately and had me up and running again in no time, it felt like a miracle

Stuart is so thoughtful and considered in his approach, I recommend him to everyone. CT

Why not see if some mindful movements help reduce your pain, and improve your movement and function!

Click on the area of body you have pain or stiffness and watch the videos

Back Pain

From top of the neck to the base of the spine. These movements can all help reduce your pain.

Hip and Pelvis Pain

These movements will help to identify where your restricted in your pelvis and hips and free up movement and reduce pain

Ribs and chest stiffness and pain

When the ribcage is stiff it can significantly change your breathing pattern, and lead to neck and back pain.

Shoulder and shoulder girdle

The shoulder depends on its freedom of movement and stabilty on the scapular(shoulder blade) and the ribs. So lots of factors can influence shoulder pain

Neck Pain

This section connects neck movements to exploration of the senses

Mindful meditations

A selection of meditations to help eplore your body and mind