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Welcome to 1-2-1 Yogatherapy

Stuart Robertson

Physical Education Teacher BEd Hons.

Physiotherapist MSc BSc (MCSP & HPC).

Yoga and MindfulnessTeacher.

Founder of MBM.

How do you move, feel and think, when you are tired and grumpy compared with when you are inspired and motivated?

Curious? Then look to see which course suits you best.

Mindful Yoga 2017

Mindful Yoga Course

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Starts : 10th Jan 2017

Venue : St Thomas Church Hall, Lymington

Cost : £35

New Class Dates

Tuesday 25th April -23rd May 2017

Time and Day : 3.45 -4.45 Tuesday

Venue : River Suite, Wistaria Court, Lymington (adjacent to Boyd Physiotherapy Associates)

Cost £35

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Mondays and Thursdays 12.15 -13.15

Milford Community Centre

Tuesday 10th Jan 12.30 -13.30

St Thomas Church Hall, Lymington

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Click  HERE to see how the latest scientific research shows seated yoga to helps with arthritic pain !!!

Just when you thought it was time to kick back, relax and enjoy yourself.

Now is the time you need to work on your health and fitness more than ever! 

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'I cant believe how such simple breathing exercises can make such a difference.' I.P.

Or if you would prefer there is a very different type of yoga that might reach the parts other yoga doesn't reach!!! Click here to watch a very funny video

Health and Wellbeing 'Time Outs'

Life throws up all sorts of challenges that can blow us off course.  Accepting where we are at, in the here and now is the first step towards making healthy lifestyle choices. Developing a sense of inner trust and security in your internal compass to navigate through challenging times is a cornerstone to any health and wellbeing programme. 

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Who Treats the Therapist?

Working as a therapist can be a roller coaster of a ride. It can be both rewarding and draining at the same time. 

This course moves beyond technique providing the opportunity and space to reflect on 'how you are as a therapist' can influence not just your clinical outcomes and effectiveness, but also your sense of health, wellbeing, and energy.

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Next Course Poole Hospital...Sat 25th Feb

Hands on Therapy

From sports injuries to chronic pain

From irritable bowel to spinal pain

From paediatric rehabilitaion to orthopaedic rehabilitation.

So if you want to feel more energised, experience a greater sense of wellbeing, inner stillness and calm, sleep better, worry less, become more emotionally balanced, be more flexible in mind and body, establish and nurture a greater sense of connectedness with yourself and those close to you, and rediscover a sense of purpose and direction then 1-2-1 Yogatherapy is for you!

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