The science of yoga, mindfulness and  physiotherapy combined


Welcome to 1-2-1 Yogatherapy

Stuart Robertson

Physical Education Teacher BEd Hons.

Physiotherapist MSc BSc (MCSP & HPC).

Yoga and MindfulnessTeacher.

Founder of MBM.

I qualified in 1984 as a trained PE teacher, culminating in my appointment as the head of PE in the International School of Singapore. I became a chartered physiotherapist in 1992, going onto complete my master of science in physiotherapy by 1996. 

I have worked as a sports physiotherapist for international rugby and cricket teams, the clinical specialist for a chronic pain department within the NHS, and a senior paediatric physiotherapist in a school for children with complex disability.

In between these posts, I ran a private practice for 10 years in Somerset, and have been lucky enough to tour the world teaching about my then speciality , myofascial release. 

I have always been drawn to a more holistic approach to Health and Wellbeing , and from a very early stage in my physiotherapy career I integrated 'mind and body' type work into my practice, hence I trained as a yoga and mindfulness teacher.

Mondays and Thursdays 12.15 -13.15

Milford Community Centre

Just when you thought it was time to kick back, relax and enjoy yourself.

Now is the time you need to work on your health and fitness more than ever! 

'I cant believe how such simple breathing exercises can make such a difference.' I.P.

Or if you would prefer there is a very different type of yoga that might reach the parts other yoga doesn't reach!!! Click here to watch a very funny video

Hands on Therapy

From sports injuries to chronic pain

From irritable bowel to spinal pain

From paediatric rehabilitaion to orthopaedic rehabilitation.

So if you want to feel more energised, experience a greater sense of wellbeing, inner stillness and calm, sleep better, worry less, become more emotionally balanced, be more flexible in mind and body, establish and nurture a greater sense of connectedness with yourself and those close to you, and rediscover a sense of purpose and direction then 1-2-1 Yogatherapy is for you!

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Health and Wellbeing 'Time Outs'

Life throws up all sorts of challenges that can blow us off course.  Accepting where we are at, in the here and now is the first step towards making healthy lifestyle choices. Developing a sense of inner trust and security in your internal compass to navigate through challenging times is a cornerstone to any health and wellbeing programme. 

These  'Time out' sessions are designed for those who feel the need to pause, reflect, re-evaluate and plan for, and to implement change(s) in their lives. The day is part practical, part reflective and part planning for a new you!

Over the course of the day we will explore:-

Mindfulness skills to help manage your stress more effectively.

Skills that will help break habits that are sabotaging your wellbeing; and skills to create habits that support your sense of health and wellbeing.

What values you would like to live your life by and how best to develop those values.

Your priorities in life, and how by giving more energy to these at the top of the list, can be energising.

What drains you ...and what motivates you to keep doing those things!

At the end of the course you will have learnt various practical skills including:-

Mindful meditations

Breathing exercises

Body awareness exercises

Mindful movement

Resources to support the above.

The course will take place at Holton Lee , a beautiful, tranquil, countryside setting in between Poole and Wareham ( Dorset).

Date: Saturday 10th September 10.00- 4.00 ish

Course Fee: £80 ( lunch provided)

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Therapist Courses

Who Treats the Therapist?

Working as a therapist can be a roller coaster of a ride. It can be both rewarding and draining at the same time. 

This course moves beyond technique providing the opportunity and space to reflect on 'how you are as a therapist' can influence not just your clinical outcomes and effectiveness, but also your sense of health, wellbeing, and energy.

On the course you will learn:-

Simple breathing techniques

Body awareness exercises

Mindfulness strategies, both formal and informal

Mindful movements - including a simple yoga sequence.

You will develop a better understanding of:-

The science behind the effectiveness of the above strategies.

How you can become drained of energy by certain people you work with, and how the above strategies can be used to combat this.

How developing and nurturing certain attitudes can lead to a greater sense of personal health and wellbeing.

How being true to your values can reenergise you.